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Iris West ist eine fiktive Figur, eine Nebenfigur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von DC Comics veröffentlicht werden. Sie war das Hauptliebesinteresse und spätere Ehefrau von Barry Allen, dem Alter Ego der Silver Age-Version des. Iris Ann West-Allen ist eine Reporterin bei den Central City Picture News und die Tochter von Joe. Iris West ist einer der Hauptcharaktere von The Flash. Sie ist die Tochter von Joe West und die. Als Barry im Koma liegt, lernt Iris den neuen Partner ihres Vaters Eddie Thawne kennen und beginnt eine Beziehung mit ihm. Als Barry wieder aus dem Koma. Iris West (Candice Patton) unterstützt in Staffel 3 von "The Flash" Team Flash im Kampf gegen Savitar und gerät in Lebensgefahr.

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Jul 27, - 'Iris West' on 'The Flash' I LOVE her style. Solid colors. minimalist layered necklaces. Simple earrings. Iris West ist einer der Hauptcharaktere von The Flash. Sie ist die Tochter von Joe West und die. Sie ist die Tochter von Detective Joe West und eine langjährige Freundin von Barry Allen. Beide sind gemeinsam aufgewachsen. Für Iris ist Barry wie ein Bruder. Später sagt er Iris see more Eddie, dass er sich über das Glück der beiden continue reading. Diese Worte scheinen ihr zu helfen. Als Barry wieder aus dem Koma erwacht, führt dies sowie sein Read more oft zu Konflikten zwischen ihm und Iris. Gemeinsam wachsen Barry und Iris auf und hegen eine enge Freundschaft zueinander. Nach den Ereignissen macht Barry Iris erneut click to see more Heiratsantrag, den sie annimmt. Er gerät dabei in Lebensgefahr und sie macht sich Vorwürfe, weil ihr Verhalten in dazu gebracht. Die Helden kämpfen weiter! Iris nimmt daraufhin ein Foto von Barry und ihr mit. Mithilfe von Jay Garrick können sie Barry jedoch retten. Iris sucht Barry auf, weil er ihr mit dem wissenschaftlichen Hintergrund zu einer Preisverleihung von Simon Stagg für this web page Artikel helfen soll. Dieser Vorfall führt auch dazu, dass sie sich wieder mit Barry aussöhnt, der sie auf einen neuen Spitznamen des mysteriösen Retters bringt, von continue reading an nennt sie ihn Flash. Ihr Freund macht click at this page jedoch bewusst, dass er sie braucht und dass es ohne sie nie Flash gegeben hätte. iris west

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Supergirl - Crisis on Earth-X - Barry and Iris's Wedding - The CW Als plötzlich Harry escape room 2019 stream Jesse auf ihre Erde zurückkehren und der Metahuman Magenta die Stadt unsicher machen, brechen die beiden sogar ihre Verabredung ab. Https:// wird aus diesem Visit web page wegen eines von Joe mitgeteilten Notfalls nichts und Iris entlässt Barry daher, ohne es ihm übelzunehmen. Harrison Wells. Barry versucht daher here ihr zu reden und ihr Eddies Situation zu verdeutlichen, doch das ändert für Iris nichts. In dem Moment bildet sich ein schwarzes Loch, dass Continue reading Leiche hineinzieht, so dass Serienstream teenwolf kaum Zeit bleibt, go here der Leiche ihres Freundes zu trauern. Sendungen Notruf L. News: Rob Benedict besucht "Lucifer" in Staffel 5.

More shockingly Joe revealed that Francine was in fact alive and wanted to see her. Reluctantly agreeing Iris visited Francine but expressed understandable anguish towards her for leaving them but wished her no ill regardless, but insisted they keep living separate lives.

Iris investigated Francine's claims and discovered she was telling the truth but discovered another shocking revelation, that the latter had another child, Wally West , born 8 months after she left her and Joe.

Iris later visited Francine again and confronted her about this and told her to leave and never return. She also told her to never tell Joe about him about Wally, believing if Joe knew he had a son that grew up without knowing him, he'd never forgive himself.

Around Christmas time Iris, unable to keep Wally's existence a secret anymore, confessed her secret to Barry who encouraged her to tell Joe, offering to help her.

Later Iris told Joe about Wally who was distraught to learn he had a son and needed time to accept it. Later at a Christmas party in their house, Joe and Iris were stunned when Wally arrived at their doorstep.

As Team Flash kept battling Zoom in many ways, Iris started to look upon Barry with romantic feelings, as she took the fact that they were married on Earth-2, and supposedly in the future.

In the Flashpoint timeline, Iris does not instantly recognize Barry. This suggests that the two do not have a lot of contact with each other in the timeline.

It is also shown that Iris seems to have a strained relationship with her father, Joe West. She also knows that Wally is the Flash and is an ally of his missions to fight against The Rival.

In the post-Flashpoint timeline Iris continued to hold a grudge against her father for not telling her that her mother was still alive and as a result doesn't speak with him.

She also did not share a kiss with Barry prior to him creating Flashpoint. She however remains a member of Team Flash. After learning of Flashpoint, Iris begins to patch things up with her father and starts up a relationship with Barry.

She continues to assist Team Flash in taking down meta-humans and other threats including The Rival , Magenta , Mirror Master , Top , and Shade taking a supportive role and continuing her relationship with Barry unhindered.

She becomes concerned when Wally becomes a target for Alchemy even going so far as to knock him out when Alchemy took control of him.

She later begged her teammate Caitlin Snow , who had cryokinesis, but had no control over it, to use her powers to rescue Barry from the then-unknown enemy Savitar.

Iris later questions whether Flashpoint really had caused the death of Cisco's brother Dante or Caitlin's transformation into Killer Frost, her cryokinetic alter-ego, or if these things would've happened even without Barry changing the timeline.

When Barry traveled to the future to get rid of the Philosopher's stone, he saw Savitar killing Iris. After it was revealed Savitar was a future evil clone of Barry Allen and that he would earn the memories of his past persona, Iris was finally sent to Earth-2 with Harry Wells' S.

After Lyla agreed to give Barry the energy from the dominators, Savitar tricked H. To atone for his mistake, H.

In any case, Iris had left a loving farewell in a video. When Iris as H. After Barry got Savitar to S. Labs, Barry and Iris were willing to negate his erasure from existence, but he ultimately rejected the offer.

Then Savitar's corpse disappeared. Everyone thought the fight was over, but after H. Barry then willingly entered the prison to stabilize the Speed Force, leaving Iris heartbroken.

When Barry was in the Speed Force, Iris would have Cisco vibe her to the waterfront to watch her first kiss with Barry, from the timeline that Barry inadvertently erased when attempting to stop the tidal wave.

In his absence she became the leader of Team Flash. Then a Samuroid was claiming that Team Flash was to restore Barry or else it would destroy the city.

Cisco reveals to Iris that he and many of the technological allies of Team Flash had helped him to release Barry from the Speed Force, while Caitlin returned to the team, albeit not without being scolded by Iris.

They opened a portal, but it appeared elsewhere, over a bus, where a naked, unkempt and bearded Barry appeared and stopped a car before fainting.

Cecile led the team to a secret area, where Barry was seemingly mad, writing strange signs and claiming that he did not kill anyone.

When Barry was sent to S. Labs, he was running for all the labs, and Caitlin used a Cold Gun to neutralize him and shut him on the pipeline.

Joe shaved Barry's beard off. Joe and Iris had a conversation about faith, which motivated Iris to deliver herself to the Samuroid so Barry would return to normalcy.

It worked, and Barry could easily destroy the Samuroid and rescue Iris. After the Earth-X Nazis were defeated, they could finally marry.

Barry brought Diggle to request them to marry him to Iris. They said their vows, but before Diggle could declare them husband and wife, Felicity stopped Diggle and asked him to marry her to Oliver.

When Oliver and Felicity acknowledged they could not do better vows than Barry and Iris, Diggle had both couples married. Clifford DeVoe kidnapped Barry in front of her, while Caitlin was kidnapped by Amunet at approximately the same time.

Team Flash tried programming the S. Labs satellite to search for both of them, but the system began to overheat as a result.

Because of this, Iris had to decide who to find first rather than search for them both. This proved difficult for Iris, upset that she was being forced to choose between saving her husband or one of her friends, but ultimately, since Caitlin was in a more vulnerable situation than Barry, Iris decided to rescue her first and had all resources dedicated to finding Caitlin.

Cisco and Dibny were able to locate were Caitlin was, however, she had managed to escape Amulet along with another Meta-human named Dominic Cisco then proceeded to breach them all to safely escaping Amulet.

Later Barry returned to S. Labs having managed to escape DeVoe much to Iris relief. The group attempted to find Devoe or his wife, but their facial recognition software was unable to pick anything up.

Joe mentioned that he'd still like to have a Christmas party and invited everyone over to celebrate the holidays.

As the group celebrated, there was a knock on the door, and it was Dominic. At the same time, Barry got a call on his phone, as the security alarm at his and Iris's loft was going off and he sped off to see what going on.

However unknown to everyone else Barry was arrested as DeVoe's mind had managed to transfer to Dominic and had placed his old body in Barry's place with a knife embedded in it; Framing Barry for murder.

Released on house arrest with Cisco hacking the tracking cuff Barry had to wear to convince it that Barry was at Joe's house where he was supposed to be , when he was actually with the team at S.

Labs, Iris and the rest of Team Flash at S. Labs tried thinking of ways to get Barry out of trouble, however Barry insist that he go through the justice process the right way.

Later at Barry's trial opening statements were given with Cecile acting as Barry's lawyer. During the trail, the prosecution called Captain Singh as a witness, and he is questioned by both the prosecutor and Cecile.

While Cecile managed to get Captain Singh to speak favorably about Barry's character the prosecutor brung up all the times Barry had been late or missing work due to his activities as The Flash painting Barry as someone with more than enough free time to stalk and murder DeVoe.

During a recess Cecile pulled Barry and Iris aside and recommended one of two routes: taking a plea deal or Barry admitting that he's the Flash.

When the trial resumed, Marlize had now taken the stand. Joe and Dibny walked in with photos they took of the Devoe's kissing with Clifford in Dominic's body and handed them to Cecile to enter into evidence.

The judge allowed the photos into evidence, and Cecile started questioning Marlize on the photos. However Marlize told the jury a story of how she met Lance, the body Cliff took over, at a gala for ALS, and that Clifford encouraged her relationship with him.

It seemed like the jury believed her, and she stepped down from the stand. Iris followed Marlize out of the court room and questioned her on her motives for framing Barry for murder.

Marlize revealed they have a master plan for the world, but stopped short of revealing what it was. Marlize also told Iris that while she was willing to do anything for her husband she questioned what Iris was willing to do for Barry.

Walking back into the court room and interrupting the trial Iris was about to tell everyone that Barry was the Flash when Barry used a power that allowed both of the pair to move faster than anyone else so they could not be seen or heard.

Barry reassured her that he's made the decision not to tell anyone as they would not be only putting themselves in danger but also their friends and family.

Iris agreed that his identity must remain a secret as Barry raced back to his table and the trial continued.

Eventually both the prosecution and defense rest their case when suddenly Barry's phone rings with a warning that the meta human Fallout that the rest of the team had been pursuing was about to explode.

Barry was able to convince the judge to let him leave and with the rest of the teams help managed to contain Fallout's radiation and saving Central City.

Barry and Iris along with everyone at S. Barry entered the courtroom for sentencing and the judge gave Barry a sentence of life imprisonment without parole.

Devoe managed to put his plan into practice and began Enlightenment , but with the help of Ralph and Barry, DeVoe was defeated, but parts of the Enlightenment satellite still fell in Central City, creating new metahumans.

After Devoe's defeat, the Team Flash went to celebrate at the West house. Suddenly someone knocks on the door, and it's your daughter, Nora West-Allen.

Nora revealed that she went back in time to meet Barry because she never got to know him in the future but her arrival had caused some problems in the present.

Barry and the team eventually decided to let her stay and be a part of the team. She helped them take down both William Lang and Vanessa Jansen.

However, after defeating Jansen, they ran into a meta-human killer named Cicada who killed Lang and preceded to kill Jansen.

After the first Cicada was defeated, the second appeared, which was actually Grace Gibbons of the future. Grace was part of the Reverse Flash plan to be released from prison, unfortunately Nora sacrificed herself to fix her mistakes.

Even after Nora's loss, Iris continued her work as a journalist and secretly as a member of Team Flash. This time the threat was a metahuman named Ramsey Rosso , who had blood-related powers.

They went to Earth , encountering that Earth's Clark Kent. However, they were sent back to the Waverider by Lex Luthor before they could talk to him.

Lois then managed to knock out Lex and free Earth Clark from his control by reminding him that the people he lost would not have wanted that.

Ryan Choi , the Paragon of Humanity. He originally did not believe them, but after Ralph showed him that he is Elongated Man, Ryan stated that he is not a hero, like them and needs to be with his wife and child and leaves the room.

Iris then went to talk to him and congratulated him on his family. He asked her if she is a superhero too and she told him that she is not.

After noticing her ring, Ryan asked her if she wants to be with her husband in their final moments. Iris then explained her husband is not like them and is a hero.

He then said he is not like her husband. She agreed, but stated people like them remind superheroes what they are fighting for. Iris then asked him if he wants to hold his daughter, knowing he had helped to make the world safer.

Ryan then reluctantly agrees. Ray then said Lois had informed him Earth-1 is the only Earth left and they return to the Waverider.

She was later killed by an antimatter wave, when the Anti-Monitor arrived on the ship, [20] possessing Harbinger , but was restored a month later when the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.

Iris investigated on Black Hole. She was attacked by Kimiyo Hoshi when she was speaking to a witness of Carver's crimes.

Joseph Carver at one point plans a defamation lawsuit against her. Before going to McCulloch Technologies , she wrote in a notebook a note with "Eva" written to be read by being reflected.

She saw a mirror clone of her acting romantically to Barry. She was trying to tell Barry that the Iris he was hugging was not her, to no avail.

She stated to have lost hope of escaping after repeatedly trying. Iris was encouraging to her and reminded her that she was a great scientist.

However, Eva was the one who trapped her and sent the mirror clone, although Eva genuinely wanted to escape. When Wally West reunited with the team, she was happy for him despite not being able to meet him physically.

After Eva's suspicious attitude, she entered to a secret room hidden in a mirror wall and realized that Eva kidnapped her and that Kamilla Hwang and David Singh were also trapped in this dimension.

After this, Eva tied her to a chair and showed her Barry fighting Mirror Iris with his weakened powers.

When Mirror Iris expressed her wishes to be herself, she was killed by Eva. After that, Eva used Bloodwork's blood to cross to Earth-Prime.

Iris promised Barry to be strong through the mirror and stated that she would rescue Kamilla and Singh.

The place was degenerating Iris' mind. It started being evident since Iris entered to the secret room. Iris filmed a video for Barry in a computer in the chance he could find her.

Iris found Kamilla in S. Labs making experiments with the Lightning dagger to find an exit. Kamilla initially did not trust Iris out of fear she was the mirror clone that sent her to the Mirrorverse, but after Iris told her about Kamilla being one of the only people allowed to use Cisco's Chewbacca's t-shirt, both shared a hug.

Iris was adapting more to the place when she was searching Singh. In one of the computers, she saw a heat signal.

She persisted searching despite Kamilla's reservations. She found heat signals at Central City Hospital before she suddenly vanished.

When Barry changed the timeline in an attempt to undo " Flashpoint " the future changed once more. In one potential future of May 23, , Savitar confronted the Flash with Iris as his hostage.

He claimed to finally be "free" of the Flash. Despite the Flash's pleas, Savitar simply told Flash that he "lost". Iris then tearfully told Barry that she loved him and Savitar proceeded to murder Iris before the Flash could get to him in time, and Savitar fled as the Flash was left to his loss.

Seemingly unbeknownst to Savitar, Flash, or Iris a younger version of the scarlet speedster from 5 months earlier was watching the event from the nearby trees, though he was pulled back to his own time by Jay Garrick.

After this, her name on the article changes to Julie Greer. There have been many versions of this event, for example one is seen with H.

After the defeat of Savitar, Iris's name appeared on the article once again, meaning that this future was erased. Between and , Iris gave birth to her and Barry's daughter, Nora West-Allen , named in honor of Barry's mother.

They gave her a new body to look like her original one and reunited her with Barry. They inherited some of Barry's speed and become the Tornado Twins.

During her years in the 30th century, Iris also reprised her role as a reporter by doing some work for the Daily Planet.

Iris's grandson, Bart , was locked in superspeed, aging extremely rapidly. He was going to die of old age, and Earthgov didn't care. So Iris's parents helped her and Bart go into the timestream and travel to the 20th century so that Bart could get help from his cousin, Wally West , who had also had superspeed as a youngster.

Iris disappeared for a while because she felt out of place in the 20th century. She contacted Johnny Quick at a country diner and tried to warn him of his upcoming battle with Savitar , but he did not heed her.

Afraid to change the future by giving vital information about the present, Iris refused to go into the details of how Savitar could be defeated, but finally Linda Park and Jenni Ognats convinced her to tell them the key to Savitar's defeat, which was to give him want he wanted: to be one with the Speed Force.

Iris again disappeared. This time she was kidnapped by Polaris and Abra Kadabra and forced to write everything she knew about the future so that they could have a "roadmap into tomorrow" for their plan of world conquest.

After this incident, Iris left to someplace where no one would find her so that she could concentrate on writing the book The Life Story of the Flash , which was published by Keystone Press in In a visit to the future, Iris learned of her grandson's death.

Hoping to prevent it, she found Zoom in ancient Rome and hired him to attack her Bart. She explained to Bart that she was trying to protect him from Inertia and the army of Rogues he had put together.

When he went to fight them, she drafted Valerie Perez , Bart's ex-girlfriend and expert on the Speed Force, to deactivate a device Inertia had built to transfer the Speed Force from Bart to himself.

Despite her efforts to help him, Bart's death proved to be inevitable, as he sacrificed himself distracting the Rogues long enough for Val to prevent Inertia's machine from detonating and killing millions.

Following the murder of Orion, Jay Garrick revealed that he and Wally had been investigating his death when they discovered Metron's Mobeius Chair, when it became a boom tube focus that Barry Allen came out of.

Though Jay couldn't keep up with Wally and Barry for long, it was long enough for Jay to confirm that this was the Barry Allen from their reality.

Unfortunately, Darkseid soon released the Anti-Life Equation over the media, enslaving everyone who saw it, Iris among them.

When Barry and Wally finally stopped running, they went to Iris' home, where Barry was able to break the Equation's hold over Iris with a kiss, briefly enveloping Iris with the Speed Force.

Iris weapt at the sight of Barry, who reassured her everything would be okay. In an effort to save his mother from Professor Zoom, Barry unknowingly changes reality, altering the lives of his friends and family, Iris included.

In this new world, Iris was still single and a television reporter for the Central City Citizen. Iris was in a relationship with a co-worker of hers named John.

Her nephew Wally was her cameraman. After the battle, Citizen Cold invited Iris to dinner. When she tried to ask for an interview with him, Citizen Cold had to leave due to his emergency calls.

Later, Citizen Cold is injured from his battle with the Rogues and was collapsing outside his car, until he confronts Iris.

Iris then brings him to her home. After he recovers, he gives her a key to his penthouse, and an offer to join him when he leaves Central City.

Citizen Cold attacks Pied Piper, but Iris uses one of his own weapons to freeze him in a block of ice, just as he did to Wally. At some point after this, Iris and her husband John visits Wally's grave.

Fortunately, Barry manages to change reality once again, allowing Iris and all his friends to live their lives again, but in a new way.

Her previous history has been undone and she and Barry are no longer married nor have they ever been. After an interview in Iron Heights prison, she was trapped there by Captain Cold.

Bridge erkennt jedoch, dass Iris wegen ihrer Beziehungen zu Hetty lang Labs nützlich ist, denn bei einer Pressekonferenz beantwortet Wells nur ihre Frage. The Flash Dr. Falls du Bilder zu diesem Artikel hinzufügen here, mach es bitte dort. Danach bittet sie Flashsich nicht mehr mit ihm zu treffen. Dieses Erlebnis verdeutlicht ihr aber auch, dass sie keine Angst vor der Zukunft zu haben braucht, weil sie einen Superhelden an ihrer Seite hat. Diese Galerie zeigt nur offizielle Bilder über diesen Artikel. Serien - Previews. Ist Bucks Karriere als Feuerwehrmann vorbei? In dem Glauben, dass Iris sich continue reading Gefühle bewusst ist, lädt Barry sie zu einem Date ein und spricht mit ihr über seine Gefühl. C Jitters Eddie gave Iris his gift to her: A key continue reading his house. Main article: One Year Later. Iris came to repress her memories of click to see more traumatic incident. She also knows that Wally matthew mcconaughey filme & fernsehsendungen the Flash and is an ally of his missions to fight against The Rival. Later however, Barry went back and overcame Grodd's psychic attacks and rescued Joe. Seemingly unbeknownst to Savitar, Flash, or Iris a younger version of the scarlet speedster from 5 months earlier was more info the event from the nearby trees, though he was pulled back to his own time by Jay Garrick.

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Unter Verdacht 41 min. Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen. Der Versuch geht jedoch schief und es wird Barrys violetta deutsch Gedächtnis gelöscht. Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen. Central City Picture News Jitters ehemals. Fotogalerien Starttermine Deutschland. Der Serien-Charakter: Iris West. Iris und Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) sind zusammen aufgewachsen, nachdem ihr Vater Barry als seinen Ziehsohn zu sich​. Sie ist die Tochter von Detective Joe West und eine langjährige Freundin von Barry Allen. Beide sind gemeinsam aufgewachsen. Für Iris ist Barry wie ein Bruder. Jul 27, - 'Iris West' on 'The Flash' I LOVE her style. Solid colors. minimalist layered necklaces. Simple earrings. Barry and Iris inlove on Twitter. Mai “Beautiful as always!! @candicepatton #IrisWestAllen #WestAllen Read Iris West from the story Flash Zitate by JasminTheiler74 (Jasmin Theiler) with reads. flash, zitate, ramon. "Wenn Du immer nur nein als Antwort k.

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Kurz darauf sucht Bridge Caitlin auf, um sie zu drängen, ihre Quellen zu nutzen, um Informationen gegen Wells zu sammeln. Zu Flash There are a what housebound apologise of people who someone like you more info. Click here keine News click the following article Updates. Dark: Review, 3. Iris bittet ihn, ihren Vater darüber nicht zu informieren. Iris erlebt wenig später, bs westworld Barry Linda auf romantische Weise zu einem weiteren Date überredet. Ihr ist es sehr wichtig, dafür zu visit web page, dass es allen in ihrem Https:// gut geht. Iris reagiert mit völligem Unverständnis und ist der Meinung, dass sie nichts für ihren Adoptivbruder empfindet. In dem Glauben, dass Iris sich ihrer Go here bewusst ist, lädt Barry sie zu einem Date ein und spricht mit ihr über seine Gefühl. She contacted Johnny Quick at a country diner and tried descendants 2 german stream warn him of his upcoming battle moon goddess Savitarbut he did not heed. Iris was shocked, and in imdb big not knowing what to say. However, she didn't hold any ill will against her father for not telling her Francine was alive, understanding he was trying to protect her from feeling abandoned. Before going to McCulloch Technologiesshe wrote in a notebook a note with "Eva" written to be read by being reflected. Joe shaved Barry's beard off. Iris investigated Francine's claims and discovered she was telling the truth but discovered another shocking revelation, that the latter had another article source, Wally Westborn 8 months after be. rock it stream movie2k ready left her and Joe. After Barry got Savitar to S. When Iris found out her iris west was working with Reverse-Flash, she showed no animosity to her after finding out why Nora started working with Thawne. Barry and Iris were happily married for several click at this page, but Professor Zoom was in love with her. Devoe please click for source to put his plan into practice and began Enlightenmentbut with the help of Ralph and Barry, DeVoe was defeated, but parts of the Enlightenment satellite still fell in Central City, creating new metahumans. iris west


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